Yes, You can elope in Oklahoma!

Do you feel pressure to drive or even fly hours out of state to elope somewhere magical? I'm here to show you that you CAN elope in Oklahoma, and you DON'T have to sacrifice the images of your dreams to do it!

On any given summer day, you can rest assured that Skiatook Lake will be full of boats and people swimming. While your first thought may not have been, "Let's go elope at Skiatook Lake!" I hope that this post gives you a whole new outlook on this beautiful Oklahoma destination!

Nestled in Osage County, Oklahoma, Skiatook Lake has over 150 miles of shoreline and countless miles of water. Skiatook Lake also has over 1,500 acres of land free to use for the public; including some hidden gems. With just a little walking you can be standing on large rocks looking over the lake or be surrounded by dense (yet walkable) woods.

One of the wonderful things about Skiatook Lake is its diverse scenery which offers many opportunities for unique photos. At one moment you can be walking on Skiatook's version of the beach and then you can turn around and be surrounded by giant rocks and pine trees! Perhaps the star of the show are the stunning sunsets at Skiatook Lake. The lake offers the best viewpoint in the area to watch the sunsets - the reflection of the glowing sun on the water is really quite breathtaking.

You won't have to settle for just one overall look for your photos at Skiatook Lake; the diversity of this location makes it a perfect spot for a local (and free!) elopement!

Skiatook Lake offers the perfect opportunity to have the small intimate elopement of your dreams. Out on the lake you won't be overwhelmed by anything but the sounds of birds chirping and the water rippling.

What are you waiting for? Let's go elope!

Eloping at Skiatook Lake

Skiatook Lake offers a big variety of scenery. From shoreline to woods, Skiatook Lake has pretty much all of it!

Here are photographs from Lance and Mackenzy's elopement at Skiatook Lake.

Let's go elope!