Yes, you can elope in Oklahoma!

Do you feel pressure to drive or even fly hours out of state to elope somewhere magical? I'm here to show you that you CAN elope in Oklahoma, and you DON'T have to sacrifice the images of your dreams to do it!

Whenever I think of the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, I cannot help but to also think of the lines that are sung in the musical, "Oklahoma":

"We know we belong to the land

And the land we belong to is grand!

And when we say

Yeeow! Aye-yip-aye-yo-ee-ay!

We're only sayin'

You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!"

 This "little" (it's almost 40,000 acres!) piece of land is truly breathtaking. While you are at the Tall Grass Prairie eloping, you will also have the opportunity to see the beautiful animals and ecology Oklahoma has to offer. The Prairie is home to over 2,000 free roaming bison, over 700 different species of plants, and 300 different species of birds!

We can cover all your scenic dreams at Tallgrass Prairie. You can start your elopement session off by walking down the backroads of rural Oklahoma or we can walk to the tops of the rolling hills and watch the beautiful sunsets Oklahoma always has to offer. You can then end the elopement of your dreams by enjoying an intimate picnic with each-other in the woods or we could order some pizza from the local wood fired pizza place in town. Regardless of how you would like to end your session, rest assured it will be the stress-free (and we'll have a lot of fun!) elopement session of your dreams!

What's better than being surrounded by the natural beauty our state has to offer on your elopement day? Let's go elope!

Eloping at Tallgrass Prairie

The Tall Grass Prairie has more than enough room and scenery for a beautiful elopement day!

Here are photographs from Adam and Keylee's elopement at Tallgrass Prairie.

Let's go elope!